COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Please note we have cancelled all bookings and refunded related deposits for upcoming holiday reservations at all our UPDATE properties up until the end of May 2020. If you would like to transfer your bookings to later on in the season, please arrange this by contacting May Rhodes (contact details below). Alternatively provisional bookings may be accepted without deposit for later in the year but will not be confirmed until we have more information from the government. We are continuing to maintain our properties and gardens to our high standard and look forward to welcoming you in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well.
 COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Please note we have cancelled all bookings and refunded related  deposits for upcoming holiday reservations at all our UPDATE properties up until the end of May 2020.  If you would like to transfer your bookings to later on in the  season, please arrange this by contacting May Rhodes  (contact details below).   Alternatively provisional bookings may be accepted without  deposit for later in the year but will not be confirmed until we have  more information from the government.  We are continuing to maintain our properties and gardens  to our high standard and look forward to welcoming you in the near future.  In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well.  

East Hott Bank Farm

Centre of Britian - Once Brewed

Featured on Episode 2 of Tales from Northumberland on ITV in 2013 when Robson Green stayed at the Haughton Green Bothy. EHB is just 3 miles from The Sill The National Landscape Discovery Centre which is opened in September 2017.


Hott, an Old English word for ‘stand of trees’.

Originally a game keepers cottage forming part of the Blackwater Estate, EHB was portioned off and sold along with several other properties and land in the 1960s. It is now a small farm situated at the head of a remote valley with it's own off grid micro generating capacity.


The stone house sits on a limestone bluff in the middle of  35 acres; home to local hill sheep, deer, foxes, Galloway cattle, badgers and a variety of bird life including hen harriers, osprey,  larks, swans and cuckoos and recently seen on the garden wall a little Red Squirrel.


Daring guests can enjoy  a wild swimming in the local glacial lough (not temperature) seen from the garden, which is warm in the summer and only 6' deep.

The south facing farmhouse is protected by a small stand of native trees to the north and has a sleepered terrace and gravel garden to the south overlooking a pond and stream.


Half a mile from the Pennine Way in the World Heritiage Site of Hadrian’s Wall, several small sculptural pieces have been already been introduced with more under commission, creating conversation pieces and encouraging reflection and introspection. The permanent pasture is being slowly reclaimed, and replanted with native trees, in homage to 'Little Sparta' near Peebles in Scotland.

A carved stone column, Si Monumentum Requiris, marks the turning point to the house with a Poetry Seat just above the house stream. There is a slate clapper bridge crosses the stream to the fields beyond. There are several ‘wave oak’ farm gates mirroring the outline of the surrounding crags and hills.


The farm is fully off-grid, with spring/well water, sunk at the base of the fell, a 5kw wind turbine electric, 2 wood fired stoves, bottled gas for cooking and a post box 3 miles away. BT have however introduced civilisation with a phone line but mobile reception is patchy.


It's own stream, the Caw Burn runs through from the Forestry to Greenlee Lough, half of the land is under a 'Site of Scientific Interest' designation, famous for its luminous pondweed.

At the edge of the Northumberland National Park, and part of the national 'Dark Skies' park, this 'retreat’ lies 3 miles from it's nearest neighbour. Truely isolated with no other lights to be seen at night, access is along a single hard track which passes through several farm properties along a ridge, culminating in a descent below Sewingshields Crag and the King and Queen Crags to the stone farmhouse at the heart of its own 35 acres. King Aurthur is thought to sleep under the crags and Ring and Cup marks have been found on top of the crags where hanggilders search for updrafts. Low clearance cars would not relish the track.

A stone barn and 2 Yorkshire board barns can house horses, dogs or mountain bikes for those who may wish to bring pets or equipment with them. There is an electronic telescope on site.

There is no public access through the farm.

Little can be more spine tingling than seeing cattle atop the crag calling along the valley or a lone huntsman silhouetted stationery against the skyline. Sheep cling to heathered hill-sides, purple in September or rose bathed at dawn throughout the year. Star encrusted skies are breathtaking.

A ghost path is planned with limestone chippings and Jackmontii birch underplanted with cycla men to illuminate by Moonlight.

The Pinnacle rock sought by climbers is visible from the kitchen.

EHB has three bedrooms all ensuite and a sofa bed and wooden glazed cabin and deck.

A perfect place to write, paint, compose or contemplate.

There are few places left like this.

Grate inside! Great outside! So says the carved stone over the sitting room door!


Carved stone column

What to do?

Concerts at Leeds Arena, visit relatives, enjoy the Leeds Indie Food Festival, exhibitions at the Henry Moore Gallery, golf the wonderful courses of Alwoodley and Moortown, shop to your heart's content or search the visit Leeds or websites. All with a stay at Dunstarn Cottge, Leeds.


For all rentals please contact May Rhodes on or 07474449190 or Linda Burrows

07801651783 at Dunstarn Cottage is also available through Air B and B.


Our inaugural outdoor picnic theatre event  Pride and Prejudice was held in 2017 at Dunstarn Farm Adel Leeds 16 by Chapterhouse Theatre Co. 250 guests attended. 2018 we  performed Robin Hood . 2019 we took a break and hope to be back in 2020.


Last updated 7th Sept 2019

Web photos courtesy Linda Burrows

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