The Cottage Dunstarn

Adel North Leeds Yorkshire

Farm Cottage from Stone Field

A 70 acre green oasis 3 miles from Leeds city centre; with direct access in to the  12 acres of ancient woodland it's an ideal place to enjoy the dual appeal of  one of the largest cities in Europe from a tranquil rural retreat;  a two centre holiday experienced in one place. Secret but accessible. Horses, hens, Kerry hill sheep, spaniels, a sheep dog Pip, llamas, two Cleveland Bay foals called Duncan and Joey. A farm in the middle of a city. Unique......... we think so. 

What to do?

All of our properties are close to fabulous beaches or woodland walks, so pack up a picnic and enjoy the wonderful British summer countryside. Bathe in nature...............we will be adding Field sound recordings to further illustrate our properties in 2024.


Have you seen? uk

For all rental enquiries please contact May Rhodes on or 07474449190 or Linda Burrows

07801651783 at

Air B and B.
Dunstarn Cottage, Croft Cottage and 85 Queen Street and Gibbes Cottages can also be booked via air b and b.


Over the years we have hosted a walking theatre performance and two summer outdoor theatre events, as well as assisted Cinematography students to make a film for Leeds University and enabled Vet students to obtain valuable practical work experience, if you have a project in mind, we'd be pleased to discuss things.........l shall be attending a field recording workshop to learn to create sound maps for all our properties in May 2023 in Northumberland.


We host weekend gun dog training courses for beginners and advanced  through www. uk at the farm.



Last updated 4th mar 2024

Web photos courtesy Linda Burrows

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